PAADA sponsored Youth Leadership Academies began November 2012,  with the goal of bringing together students from across Lincoln County and offering a new opportunity for student leadership development. 

Academy trainings have proven results in helping students to identify their ability to make a positive difference in their schools and communities. Since 2012, PAADA has sponsored four academies and co-sponsored three school-based academies (Siletz Warrior Day and Toledo High School) with an accumulated attendance of over 650 student leaders.

Coordinators work closely with a wide range of community organizations and are active participants during the day-long event, including: Newport Police Department, Seashore Family Literacy Center, Lincoln Community Dispute Resolution, PFLAG, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Lincoln County Impact Panel and News Lincoln County.


Next School Year (2016-17)

The next Academy will be held in November 2016

9 am - 3 pm @ Hatfield Marine Science Center

Event Supporters